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Over 30 Years of Experience  Helping Others Find Their Way

(ASL [American Sign Language] Proficient!)

We are a Psychic Team of Spiritual Healers and Divine Messengers, by the gift that has been bestowed unto us by Divine Creator Divine.

What we mean when we say we are Psychic is that through a higher power we have been bestowed abilities, which include but are not limited to visions of past or future events.


We are committed to serving our fellow human beings. Through Divine Messaging and Divine Spiritual Healing, we are capable of bringing you closer to Divinity one thankful hallelujah at a time! 


What is a Psyhic Reading/Divine Message?

Empathetic insight into issues or emotions that are hindering you.

 Communication with spirits from the Divine Realm (If the Divine Creator allows), and the ability to remove evil and unholy presences, entities, emotions from within and around you by Holy means.


Dream Interpretation

Take a journey into the reality of the Dream World, with over 30 years of experienced dream interpretation we will help you to understand the true meaning behind all of your "weird", beautiful or scary dreams.

Spiritual Guidance​  and Readings

"Paramita" an ancient Japanese word translated to "Opening ones Spiritual Eyes". 


Through the help of Divinity (Spirits from the Divine Realm) we will relay the messages given to us for you, and guide/advise an individual to walk on a better and higher life path. Improve your destiny.

No-Touch Spiritual Healing

Through the Art of True Light and the practice of transmitting the power of Love and Pure Joy and Gratitude which flows from the Highest Power, you will become uplifted, cleansed from spiritual impurities, negative karma, etc. you will be able to "see" more clearly what has been blocking your spiritual path on the journey of true happiness and more easily move past it.


Other Services We Offer:

We offer New and Current house blessings, Store Business Building Blessings and Clearings to Ensure only positive happy and holy energies dwell. Spiritual Anointing/No Touch Healing of the Body/Mind/Spirit. We use Sage and/or many Other Venerated Items that are in no way against any religions or beliefs, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know there is never any form of Voo-Doo,Ouiji, Black or any color Magic, in what we offer, perform, and provide - We call upon only the Bright Holy Light of Creation, Love and Peace, Thus  bringing about awareness Love and Pure Joy. This in order to better provide you with a sense of self-love and confidence so that you may live your life to the fullest with knowledge and not stressful guessing (eliminating the fear of the unknown.)

We are here to serve and guide you!

“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness ... the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.” 

Dalai Lama​

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