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Soulmate Location

Soulmate Location includes finding your True Love soulmate and learning how to grow that love in a peaceful calm and accepting manner. Is your soulmate someone you know or have yet to meet?



A Look into your "weird & wacky" dreams and what they tell us about our lives (past, present, and future).

New and Current House Blessings,

 Store ,Business ,Building Blessings and Clearings

To Ensure only positive happy and holy ene​rgies dwell.

Tarot Cards

Using a unique selection of Tarot cards we are able to determine past, present, and future events for your spiritual growth and benefit. Ultimately helping to improve your destiny. 

Spiritual Anointing/Healing

Using Universal Holy and benevolent means and materials we help to protect and cleans your spiritual essence and aura as-well as prevent bad karmic events and spirits from re-entering your life. 

Guided Meditation

Through healing sounds and vibrations, incense and smells, oils and crystals we perform guided meditation sessions in a comfortable and private setting to help clear ones thoughts, anxieties, fears, blockages, etc. 

What our customers are saying

I thought my mom called ahead of time and told everything about my life! That is the level of accuracy this psychic is able to give!

Julia M. - Ann Arbor, MI

It was like talking to a best friend, who not only listens, but can actually see into the future.

Luke R. - San Diego, CA

Friendly, caring, honest, and trusting. Accurate!!! Accurate!!! Accurate!!! Trust me, Accurate!!!!!! Pin-point accuracy within the first 2-3 minutes!!!

Rolanda L. - New York, NY

All Services can be performed via: In Person,Video Chat, Text Message,

 E-mail, Phone/Voice Call​

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Mini Forecast 

3 Questions Fully Answered


15 min session 

Any 3 questions fully answered!

Palm & Tarot Cards


Best for Spiritual Guidance

45 min - 1 hr session

Full Life Psychic Forecast, Including Reading, Names/Dates, Questions Answered.

No Touch Reiki Aura Session


Best for  Spiritual Upkeep

1 hr session

Chakra Balance Session

Third Eye and Kidney Cleanse

Full Body Session

Spiritual Cleansing


Best for Spiritual Disturbance

1 hr session


Negative Karma Removal

Crystal Energy Healing

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