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Soulmate Location

Soulmate Location includes finding your True Love soulmate and learning how to grow that love in a peaceful calm and accepting manner. Is your soulmate someone you know or have yet to meet?



A Look into your "weird & wacky" dreams and what they tell us about our lives (past, present, and future).

Tarot Cards

Using a unique selection of Tarot cards we are able to determine past, present, and future events for your spiritual growth and benefit. Ultimately helping to improve your destiny. 

Spiritual Anointing/Healing

Using Universal Holy and benevolent means and materials we help to protect and cleans your spiritual essence and aura as-well as prevent bad karmic events and spirits from re-entering your life. 

New and Current House Blessings,

 Store ,Business ,Building Blessings and Clearings

To Ensure only positive happy and holy ene​rgies dwell.

Guided Meditation

Through healing sounds and vibrations, incense and smells, oils and crystals we perform guided meditation sessions in a comfortable and private setting to help clear ones thoughts, anxieties, fears, blockages, etc. 

What our customers are saying

I thought my mom called ahead of time and told everything about my life! That is the level of accuracy this psychic is able to give!

Julia M. - Ann Arbor, MI

It was like talking to a best friend, who not only listens, but can actually see into the future.

Luke R. - San Diego, CA

Friendly, caring, honest, and trusting. Accurate!!! Accurate!!! Accurate!!! Trust me, Accurate!!!!!! Pin-point accuracy within the first 2-3 minutes!!!

Rolanda L. - New York, NY

All Services can be performed via: In Person,Video Chat, Text Message,

 E-mail, Phone/Voice Call​

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Mini Forecast 

3 Questions Fully Answered


15 min session 

Any 3 questions fully answered!

Palm & Tarot Cards


Best for Spiritual Guidance

45 min - 1 hr session

Full Life Psychic Forecast, Including Reading, Names/Dates, Questions Answered.

No Touch Reiki Aura Session


Best for  Spiritual Upkeep

1 hr session

Chakra Balance Session

Third Eye and Kidney Cleanse

Full Body Session

Spiritual Cleansing


Best for Spiritual Disturbance

1 hr session


Negative Karma Removal

Crystal Energy Healing

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